Thursday, 18 February 2010

(intro to 'talk shows on mute') bzzz bzzz

yes, yes another reading list. i figure, i should put it down here, at least to motivate myself to finish the ones i'm reading, and actually get around to finding the ones i intend to read in the future. i have this tendency to want to read many things, but end up actually finishing maybe 10% or 20% of the list.

currently on my desk are:
the catcher in the rye by j.d. salinger, who passed away recently.
catch 22 by joseph heller.
through the looking glass, by you-know-who. now i'e been pining and b*tching about getting this book for ages, and since i got it about 2 months ago, i haven't touched it. there is reason for this - i am waiting for some quiet time to savour the book. really sink my teeth into it and enjoy every little literary mauve, each tiny artistic device. and it will totally be worth it.

... well, i'm sure nobody's really interested in my reading list - i know i wasn't too interested when my friends' posted their lists, unless, in the very rare occasion, i happen to know what books their talking about, or their lists happen to be very much into my interests.

what might be interesting and intriguing, however, is the situation i'm in as i'm writing this up. i've just arrived back in perth and i have friends taking me around, eventually getting me back to my new house, which has no inhabitant as of yet. on the route, though, i'm at a mackers (mac donald's in aussie slang), and they're meeting up with some middle eastern real estate agent. where i'm worrying about half a million to one million rm, they're talking, on the fly, about dealing in 58 million aussie dollars. fifty. f*cken. eight. million. dollars.

i need to get into this. god damn it.

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