Monday, 30 November 2009

open to interpretation

i like how various forms of art are so subjective that it really boils down to personal preference or appreciation. like how music means different things to different people, or even when they mean different things to the same person when the person is going through different things in life. same goes for other forms of art, including but not exclusively, movies, pictures, drawings... you get the idea.

anyway, i was driving my mom's car earlier today (because i fail at having my own) and the radio was set to some oldies station. on came a song, which i had not heard in ages. pretty much since my high-school days. and it really struck me - how the song had little to no meaning then, but today i just went 'yeap, so true, so true'.

i'm sure a lot of you have had the same situation happen and i guess it takes nothing more than a simple 10 seconds of reflection to have this happen. what's more interesting, however, is just how different people's interpretations are and why they are so. a little something of a social observation i like to make. i call it 'put yourself in my shoes' and where practice meets reality, sometimes it makes me see things i never really did otherwise. i guess, in that sense, people are open to interpretation - any why not so? people are the best form of art to begin with.

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