Monday, 16 November 2009

et the cinematera

ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the time has come for the unveiling of the number one pick. numero uno. ichiban no eiga desu. wayang terhebat. awwww yeah, boi (cue final countdown soundtrack).

however, have you noticed how they show the 3rd place match before the finals at the world cup? how 'america's funniest home videos' awards 2nd place, followed by 1st/3rd? (by the way for 'how i met your mother' fans, bob saget is the voice of the narrator. how cool is that?) yeap, totally gonna leave you guys in suspense while i count down some of the movies that didn't make the list. what can i say, a good writer never gives the ending away when he can totally jerk you around one more time. not that i'm a good writer, but that's besides the point.

best romantic film
baz luhrmann's romeo + juliet

best animation
the incredibles

best mobster / cop film

best sci-fi film
the matrix

best fantasy film
edward scissorhands

best comedy
forrest gump

best drama
the shawshank redemption

best stop-animation film
the nightmare before christmas

best non-english film
shichinin no samurai (the seven samurai)

best psychological thriller

best action / adventure
indiana jones: raiders of the lost ark

best horror film
stephen king's it

best comic adaptation / superhero film

best war film
schindler's list

best random film
fight club shared with finding forrester

best hero
gregory peck as atticus finch in to kill a mockingbird

best heroine
gillian anderson as agent dana scully in the x-files: i want to believe

best villain(ess)
heath ledger as the joker in the dark knight

best soundtrack / score

turkey film of the millennium (worst film)
battlefield earth

aaaaaaaand apologies for the textwall list of movies. yeah, i actually had to cut down a few categories because it's ridiculously long. i'm sure some of you are already questioning my choices as there's loads of good movies that didn't make the list. but forget that, it's time for the number one film (more dramatic drumroll!):

1. requiem for a dream

this may come as an anti-climatic answer to those who have read my blog for some time, as i've already mentioned how much i love this movie. anyway, because of the extensive (although still not exhaustive) list i've already written, i won't review it. i guess the mysticism at this point adds to pique your interest in the movie, eh? eh? gonna watch it now? eh? eh?

p/s: i just finished reading 'love in the time of cholera' and i just found out there's a movie based on the book, which came out in 2007. only realised this because i was channel surfing today and it was showing on telly. yeah, i've been out of touch with movies for some time. anyway, i loved the book and the movie was mehhhh. i wouldn't be as harsh as the critics have been, giving it as low as a 29% rating. still worth the watch though.


njahmat said...

It's such a coincidence that we just watched Shawshank Redemption at Adam's apartment last week! And I must say it's now my favoritex3 movie=)

Though I disagree that The Incredibles is the best animation film. I think Up was incredible!=P

Nusayb said...

+1 for Up, what a movie!

Also, am I the only one who's hoping against hope that they'll make a third X-Files movie? Please oh God please I want to believe...