Tuesday, 24 November 2009

you are (not) what you eat (or drink)

i like going to starbucks. it gives me an air of being yuppie. i sit there, in my short but baggy pants, maybe a sweatshirt or a hockey jersey (they keep me cold in the hot, tropical weather, you see). and i sip my coffee (which is bought at the local mamak stall, because starbucks' coffee is far too expensive for a cheapskate like me :p).

i'll spend 2 hours, maybe three. just sitting there idling. calm down, nobody ever sits at starbucks, so it's not like i'm doing any harm. it's all good. besides, the chairs are comfortable. i like <3. tables are usually a bit sordid, they should really fix that. doesn't fit my style.

oh yeah, and what yuppie would be complete without his laptop? should be a macbook pro or a mac mini (amagad super cute), but i'm rolling with some pc hybrid. conflicts with the yuppie thing but, eh. feign ignorance or something i guess. . gotta look busy with my clicking and typing - obviously this is impressing the chicks because when i glance up from my paper (substitute a third-grade magazine for the wall street, for convenience and practicality) every once in a while, i can see them checking me out. sister, if you want a piece of this, don't hate: appreciate. oh! rhymes, i'd better write that down. let's see. bookmarks, nothing much in here. oh yeah facebook, how could i forget. cool, could keep me here for a couple of hours, at least...

-the hippie yuppie-

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