Sunday, 1 November 2009

my eyes are screaming

i was going to make another 'omg my dreams are freaky' entry today. but for the life of me, i can't remember the dream, now that it's been a few hours since i've woken up. instead, you get to hear me comment on the poll i've had up for the past week or so.

i'm honestly surprised with the results - a lot of the girls i know complain about the same thing every so often: why are guys all about getting laid? what's happened to chivalry and romance? where have all the cowboys gone? why is the juice sweeter when the berry is darker?

let it be known, henceforth, that girls (at least the modern-age girl, as they so like to be called) are just as much about lust as the guys are. for the guys out there, be sure to bookmark this page and every time your wife / girlfriend / social partner / etc. asks 'what happened to romance?' you can direct them here (don't mention the small sample size).

as with most people nearing exams, i've decided to postpone blogging 'til i'm done with that. yes, i've said this a hundred times, so once more won't hurt. i'd like to discuss the poll further, because when put into context of what i've chatted with some voters, there's some pretty interesting opinions and preferences. but i think i'll settle with reiterating that lust has won by a fair distance, and for those who voted so, we have the corollary that you guys are perverts, and since everyone else is the same, it makes being a pervert less unethical.

for the record, i would go for greed. because money buys happiness. including lust. go greed!


the girl in stiletto said...

obviously those who didn't want to admit that Lust is the winner, have not encountered Lust just yet.

Anonymous said...

i didnt vote, but i d vote Lust.. oh if u watch the seven deadly sins. the lust 'torture' was the worst i d say

etc said...

this is true, one has to be empirical about these things.

'i only know evil, such that i can avoid it in the future' or something like that.

aisya are you referring to to 'se7ven' starring brad pitt and morgan freeman?