Wednesday, 2 December 2009

in which 'kaya' smells like turpentine

suppose there is a bottle of your favourite spread, sitting on the tabletop. maybe it's jam, maybe it's chocolate spread, maybe it's 'kaya', or even mayonnaise. or if you're one of those crazy people who like lemon spread, or marmite, sure, whatever floats your boat. suppose, this is in a country where there is no change of weather, and it is constantly 25 degrees celcius, there's zero windspeed and the humidity is around 75%.

now, suppose that you open this bottle, and find that there is no cutlery around. nobody's watching so you dip a finger into the spread (not having washed it beforehand), and sample a bit to taste. and it tastes awful. not 'awful' in the sense that it's off taste, or it's a different flavour from which you prefer, but 'awful' here means that it's truly, undebatably horribaddible, with extra fail to boot.

now, go off with your twisted, but pursed lips, and wash your hands. proceed to re-cap the bottle, forget about it and leave it for about 3 months on the tabletop.

what taste, colour and smell would the contents be if you re-visited it? would you test the contents again? would you offer it to a friend?

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