Friday, 11 December 2009

insulting one's intelligence

i watched '2012'. the neutrinos are mutating? seriously? wtfits (what the eff is this shi-)? wasn't a horribad movie, i guess.

i nearly watched 'new moon,' but princess, who is a big fan of the series (i kid you not, i think she watched the first installment 4 or 5 times. although that's nowhere as hard core as a friend of a friend who went to watch 'this is it' [you know, that michael jackson movie / documentary] 15 times. in 2 weeks. that's like once a day. what what in the what), tells me it's disappointing, and overall bad. dodged a bullet with that one, i guess.

then i hear of 'ninja assassins.'


i hang out with some friends on tuesday, because the pillsbury doughboy is getting married in january, and i, have the precedented honour of being a 'witness'. i'm not sure how the legalities of marriage work in this country, but having a different set of witnesses for marriage registration than that from the ceremony itself is... redundant? it's not a murder case, and it's definitely not watergate. but i guess there's no harm in it, and it didn't cost me a cent so it's all good. in effect i did get to wring doughboy of a lunch and high tea, so free food is a good motivator.

we end up talking about politics. just freaking, ugh. horribaddible. i guess we're all 'growing up,' but if part and parcel of it is sitting at a table with your best friends and talking presumptuously about things that are both out of your hands and beyond your mind's grasp, well i'd rather stay a kid for the time being (or forever; refer to peter pan syndrome).

bringing it all together: i want to say 'stop insulting xxx's intelligence,' where xxx does not refer to any form of pornography. however, i really can't say that considering the coherence of my post is somewhat lacking. ah well, you'd be surprised what experimental mauves can do for the idle mind.

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