Monday, 28 December 2009

life imitating fiction

last weekend i had attended a friends' wedding (congrats to the both of them for making it through from being highschool sweethearts!) and it was slightly surprising to see that i had a couple of readers in the midst of friends i had not even seen since way back when. aside from feeding my ego with the fact that in fact, there are actually people who read this blog, it added to the pool of data i had already had on what sells and what doesn't, and you'd be surprised at what people are actually inclined to read.

first off comes what strikes people off the bat - when i meet someone (or met someone at the wedding, for example), i expect to catch up on what's happening in their lives. and obviously, this is (generally) reciprocal, although there are exceptions (funny story, i should tell it sometime, but not here). in any case, one of the first few questions i get is: 'hey are you et cetera, and is your blog ... ?' by those who read. this is awesome (as per feeding ego) and slightly intrusive (in that my feigned anonimity wasn't as successful as i had intended). but, oh well, i cannot deny myself a serendipitous complement or two.

and they first mention the blog that they find most memorable, which is, contrary to any of my predictions - the one and only fictional entry i had written. now, i don't know what exactly about the post made it such that almost everyone who reads the blog refers to it first when meeting me in real life, but if that's really what people want to read, then by all means, i should give the (fictional) character more life and blog about him more often. or be half-assed and just make new ones up whenever i feel like it.

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