Thursday, 10 December 2009

a daydream with my imaginary quartet

it's actually a sextuplet, but never you mind that (giggity). again, with the crazy dreams, and this time, although slightly less vivid than 'the shit rug,' there is a residual tactile hallucination that literally makes my skin crawl. to elaborate on the dream:

the setting is in a desolate area, and as i am currently watching a cooking show where jamie oliver is up to his shenanigans with some navajo native americans in the arizona desert, my mind quickly adheres to this picture and so we shall use it as the backdrop. this is not in truth, the entirety of the situation, as any american will be quick to testify that arizona is not as desolate as one would think, and the picture i have in my dream really is dry, dessicate and barren. nevertheless, we move along, now to the characters of this build: many men and women, no children, and the protagonist, yours truly, sitting atop a hill, bordering a caved summit.

and there, we find that a women (somehow thinking of an aunt or mother, something along those lines) has been devoured by some alien-insectoid things and has turned into a cocoon (or for those pedantic, probably a chrysalis, due to its golden-brown colour).

in effect, this has caused the arousal of the local military (notice how my dream has taken upon itself the guise of some third-rate hollywood alien-invasion fotm flick) and has lead to the lockdown of the locale. one thing leads to another, and most of the details are lost to my fleeting mind, but the next thing i know, the pupa / chrysalis / cocoon has burst, releasing an infinite swarm of the alien-insects. just imagine one of those scenes from indiana jones where you've got millipedes, centipedes, scorpions, leeches (which, although technically are not insects, but you get the idea). add in a few mites and praying-mantises for good measure, that's a pretty picturesque ennui, is it not?

anyway, the plethora of aliens are soon upon me, burrowing underneath my skin, and eating away at the sub-dermal layers of fat that anchor skin to bone (or parenchymal tissue, depending on location), and i jump out of bed feeling the itch everywhere on my body, even many minutes after i'm out of bed and into the shower. shit's nasty, i tell no lie.

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