Thursday, 13 August 2009

your tongue would do well to hold its wit

but my fingers don't really have that restraint, and shall thence continue typing. reading random blogs (actually not so random since i jumped from blog to blog via acquaintances in a blogosphere, much like how some people chose hot chicks / guys to stalk via facebook) gave me new insight to what sells and what doesn't in the blogging community. not that i intend to sell anything but any gain, be it monetary or not, affiliated with blogging does sound tempting. if only stringing followers (and naming them roadies in my head tee hee).

so far i've concluded some sure-fire topics:

everyone loves to hate. and agrees to disagree. everyone's opinionated and i respect that. what i don't really respect is being ignorant, judgemental and condescending. some blogs about politics are pretty awesome. they're well informed, logical, have their fair share of arguments and counter-arguments etc. but the majority are just horribaddible. to reiterate, that means horrible + bad + terrible. i, myself, profess to be uninformed, and out of touch from the politics circle, so i won't really direct my posts in that direction.

fashion. you'd be surprised. there's more blogs out there about fashion than you'd think. really. i, just as much being a politics ignoramus, am also fashion-blind/ignorant/unappreciative. well maybe not so unappreciative. i know what i like when i see it, but i can hardly talk about it. just, no.

gossip. always a seller. just like sex. and candy. or both combined. mmmmm. this appeals, i would assume, to friends and acquaintances of the blogger. i have some pretty strict ideals about gossip, though, so i'd be as hypocritical writing thus as a rabid penguin would enjoy eating human flesh on a hot summer's day. and we all know how much rabid penguins like that. om nom nom.

okay, this i can relate to. it's not as much a niche as gossip, but i would be lying if i said it didn't cater pretty much exclusively to techies and geeks. but, everyone has their thing, and i've found that there's a lot of blogs out there which (successfully) preach the word of the good mechano-lord to the nanotechnology-choir.

sex and smut
. refer to gossip.

oh god. why didn't i figure it out earlier. nobody can hate a good meal. and nobody can not continue to read while smacking their lips, imagining the delicacies i've seen on some blogs. these ranged from the high-end restaurants to the regular coffee shops we take for granted. and, sweet saccharine-induced-hypoglycaemic jesus, can i get a holla on this, or what?

love and romance. i find this a somewhat odd discovery. either people enjoy reading other people's enamoured falls and fallacies. or people have a liking of portraying their (dis)conquests, irrespective of reader base. considering that's pretty much what i do with my blog, i'm going to go with the latter. although. i can see how a well versed romance story can capture the eye. especially of the more feminine readers among us.

there's a few others but the post's getting lengthy (again) and i need to practice writing shorter posts (i.e. something that will actually be read), lest textwall crits reader for 9999999 hp. you die.


Anonymous said...

haha dude. nice writing as usual. you gotta post some pics of hot girls man. that's a definite eye catcher :D


etc said...

i would if i could find any :/

Zaki Kamardin said...

this dude is effing legend.

Najib said...

this is funny!i instantly knew this was you, coz you ended this entry with a WoW joke.haha. signs u've been playing WoW TOO MUCH!

write about technology, keep me abreast!*giggity giggity*

and i agree with above, more PICS!or rather, ADD pics!

etc said...

naj: it's actually a classic D&D format, from the board game. also if you've ever played any of the early D&D based games, especially from wizards of the coast (baldur's gate was a classic, you should try it!)

anyway, the 'textwall critting you for ...' is (was?) a popular meme. dude, you're slacking on the memes.