Monday, 10 August 2009

let's play a game.

haaaaaave you met ted?

one of my modules at uni require that we take a series in presenting lectures, talks, presentations etc. it's oriented towards people with a science background giving presentations to the general public, and it's mostly logic and practical stuff like how to avoid jargon, catering to your crowd, building confidence etc. stuff that most people already know, but for us that don't it's a pretty cool module. that and it gives me a class to attend which i don't really have to do any thinking, but am still awarded with credit hours.

i bend the truth slightly when i say 'don't need to think' for this class. and this brings me about the entry today, we were supposed to comment on how good or bad presentations were given on a website. the assignment was easy enough, but the website captivated me, and i am inclined to endorse and advocate it, now:

i was directed to the science and technology links, but if that's not your cup of tea, feel free to try the others. personally i loved the presentations that i have viewed so far. they're easy to follow, informative, and take up only 15 to 20 mins. for the enthusiasts, there's not much detail, but if you're interested in checking out concepts that are new or even alien to you, by all means. a word of warning though, i found that the comments section is full of internet fail. like the saying goes for any message board, arguments on the internet are like competing in the paralympics. even if you win, you're still retarded. crude but it works.

anyway, i'm looking forward to checking out a few more entries, so far i would recommend the ones on string theory and the LHC / CERN lectures, they were the first two i viewed and even for someone with only minimal physics background, they felt very encompassing and enthralling.

happy viewing!

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