Wednesday, 26 August 2009

heroes pt II

i attended a congregation at the great trinity church a while back. a sermon was being given by fred flintstone. well, father flintstone, i guess. he was giving a comparative religion talk on the trinity of god, which was particularly interesting. again, there's always a group in the crowd who will end up disinterested, although i am inclined to believe that this particular (profanity) group was uninterested from the start and i question their motives for being there in the first place. my negative presumptions aside, there remains the unaddressed issue of the (profanity) people (sadly, undoubtedly, university students, yet again) chattering in one of the front pews.

suffice to say, the situation develops similar to that of my previous entry, and i don't think i need to stress the (im)probability of a father getting annoyed. but it happened. when i say annoyed, i guess it's not 'pissed', more like 'sigh' annoyed, if you can relate. anyway, fred steps down from behind the podium for a second, and clears his throat. he glares ever so slightly in the direction of (profanity) people, which they immediately realise. even as this is takinig place, fred is already stepped up to the podium again and continuing his speech.

after some well-deserved blushes and floor-staring on (profanity) group's behalf, i notice them leaving in a steady line through the most surreptitious way possible. i cannot help but notice the smiles in the audience as this happens, and i probably had one on myself, too.

fred, you're my hero.

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