Saturday, 8 August 2009

if music be food for the soul,

... then play on. or in my case, rock. the. eff. out. a few days ago i was having a conversation with a friend, Hendrix (obviously a pseudonym, after the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix). my taste in music is what most would refer to as 'emo fag', and he is pretty much a 'rock puritan'. we got into the realm-thou-shalt-not-tread of contemporary (and a bit of classical) rock, and he said:

hendrix: deep purple is the best band of all time (oh snap, pre-emptive strike).

i couldn't agree with this laying down, so i went:

me: no way brah, queen is the best band. ever.
jh: queen aren't a real rock band.
me: (oh no you didn't) wtf? how can queen not be a rock band.
jh: they're rock, but not real rock. pop rock.
me: ummmm no. pop is stuff like michael jackson. and, um, idk. boyzone. or crap like that.
jh: exactly. queen is pop like that.

comparing queen to boyzone. wow. nice. i hate you so much jh.

anyway. the conclusion of it all was something like you can't compare queen and deep purple because they're not really the 'same genre'. i think they're both rock bands, nonetheless, and there's obviously only one way of settling this. CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH. with guns (and roses). head on rockband collision rock-you-like-a-freaking-hurricane kickass vibes. such that the audience will beg for a bloody sunday on a black sabbath. and we all know that this should come with roadies and loads of sex (pistols). ok i'm running out of bad puns.

ANYWAY. here's an off-the-top-of-my-head list of songs i want to bring into the spotlight (yeah they're gonna be emo fag songs, don't hate)... i tried to make it so that i chose the 'best song' from a band, such that i would only mention a band once. it's not really that easy to make a list apparently -_- maybe i should make seperate lists for best song and best band. maybe. if i weren't too lazy. but i am. deal with it.

et cetra's top 10 songs:
10. dirty little thing by velvet revolver tied with c'mon baby by wakefield.
9. crying by aerosmith.
8. the take over, the break's over by fall out boy.
7. aerials by system of a down.
6. makedamnsure by taking back sunday.
5. all that i've got by the used.
4. helena by my chemical romance (special mention of silhouette serenade by vendetta red because it's kind of a one hit wonder. ish.)
3. prayer of a refugee by rise against (btw, screw you guitar hero for ruining this song. i'll bitch about this in a later post, i suppose.)
2. dig by incubus

and the grand finale, best song ever, eat your heart out sweet val hallen jesus, (drumroll, please)...

1. bohemian rhapsody by queen.

there you have it. love it or hate it, that's my spontaneous list. there's a lot of bands i would like to re-shuffle into the list ranging from the eagles to the all-american rejects to evanescence to in flames. to the jackson 5. but that's not rock. or is it? OR IS IT POP? HMMM, HENDRIX? HMMM? [end internet sarcasm] anyway. yeah. loads of good music out there. maybe another post on music in general, this one's getting a bit long.


artist formerly known as hendrix said...

frickin ell .. i didnt say anything similar to that.. down with manipulative alternative media

etc said...

it's called 'creative writing' or 'paraphrasing freedom' ahaha. calm down it was something like that. ish.

Sapik said...

crack up you two! lol