Sunday, 2 August 2009

eternal recognition

it's appalling how celebrity figures and artistes get instant recognition, and some of the best thinkers of our time don't. this was brought to my attention recently when i was conversing with a friend and i mentioned isaac newton. sir isaac newton, pardon me. and he didn't know who that is. he is, thankfully from a social science background, studying social and political sciences, so i guess that's an excuse. but really, isaac newton? (sir isaac newton). i mean when he mentioned otto von bismarck, at least i knew who that is. i may not remember what he did and what his role was, but i remember he was involved in WWI and i recall distinctly his bushy beard from our history textbook back in grade 11.

conversely, both of us know who michael jackson and kobe bryant is (him not being a fan of pop music nor basketball).

now before you crucify me, and my high horse, some of the 'great thinkers' i speak about aren't even known to me. my friends studying philosophy, for example, don't know who barry mashall is, but neither do is know their list of 279.38 philoshophers, whom not only do they know by heart, but memorise their philosophies, mode of thoughts, birthdates, blood types and favourite pokemons. and this all happening in the so called 'intellectual circle' i preach but do not presume to be part of. so, now having saved my skin from the stake, let us proceed to burn my high horse and have a barbie. horse meat is delish.

i'm not trying to belittle the accomplishments of artistes, either. for all her ho-baggery-shenanigans, brittney spears deserves her spot in the limelight for entertaining us (and i hate that bish, so that's saying a lot). so does the fotm borat/ali-g/bruno, neither of whom i will link to, though, for i personally hate them. him. whatever.

my point is, why don't we wear socrates jerseys or commemorate the death of schrodinger by buying 'schrodinger cat' paraphanelia? instead we worship the ground upon which the skank-a-licious pussycat dolls walk? the proportion of contribution to society is without question of great contrast (even if they may be in different fields. i clause entertainment under a field very loosely).

in my opinion, these men (and especially women) of the category i have mentioned are deserving of more, and they should receive more recognition, if at least, than they get. i guess, though, that being the unsung heroes of the world is what makes the cut for 'geekiness cool factor' which is worth way more per point than 'jock cool factor' i.e. loosely translated to: uncool being the real cool. or something like that. it's hard to put into words and i'm hungry. don't hate.

anyway, those who do reach the fame and glory (or lack thereof. i like saying this) in the non-entertainment world (i use an exclusion phrase because it's hard to define what exactly i'm talking about, but it definitely isn't the artistes i was talking about earlier. again refer to the 'hard to put into words and i'm hungry. don't hate' part of last paragraph), there is eternal recognition, which i suppose is way better than its fotm form. we probably will still remember who ben affleck is 30 years from now and our great grandchildren will recognise the name hugh hefner without needing to know who he is to live (now i think of it, he might still be alive then. he is kind of immortal, having the libido he has at his age). but that won't change the fact that einstein will be just as well known, and to those that matter, so will his lesser known compatriots). for those who ascend those heights,

in biology - have a process named after you.
in medicine - have a disease named after you.
in chemistry - have a reaction named after you.
in physics - have an equation, law or entity named after you.
in astronomy - have a planet named after you (even if it is X 13-7 NN).
in mathematics - have a theory, equation or law named after you. (refer to physics)
in philosophy - have a book (which you wrote anyway) become a text.
in religion - just be remembered for who you are. especially if you're defined as god (way to go sweet christianity jesus!)
in sports - have a play or stadium named after you.
so on and so forth... you guys rock.

and in 'entertainment' - have a 5 dollar pornstar adopt your name (albeit still being legally different enough to avoid infringement). think Xtina A Gorilla or something like that. idk, be creative for me because i can't.

p/s: i actually don't hate the people in the entertainment business. i even respect a lot of them, like steven spielberg and freddie mercury. without them there wouldn't be t3h aw3szumz jurassic park or queen. i just generalise to include the trash of the industry to prove my point today. apologies to those who are undeservedly offended.

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