Sunday, 23 August 2009

happy multinational independence day (plus-minus 2 weeks)

i hadn't known this before, but it was singapore national day on the 9th of august (which commemorates its separation from malaysia, with whom they signed into, by treaty, to achieve independence from the british empire. parasites. calm down, i hold no hostility against singaporeans). anyway, i was surprised when my singaporean housemate invited me to the s'pore day barbie, which i could regretfully not attend (capital sigh) due to friday evening labs. who schedules labs for friday evening 'til late? infectious diseases, that's who. we're hard core. don't mess.

then there was pakistan's independence from the british empire on the 14th, followed by india on the 15th. my indian coursemates told me india's was on the 15th and pakistan's was 'a week later'. lolwut? could use some verification here, so i referred to the most reliable and credible source i could find. some of my friends studying in india had their messenger status's set to 'happy national day' albeit them not having it up for their own national days -_- what gives, guys?

and upcoming in a few weeks, is malaysian independence day, which is (supposedly) celebrated with great pomp and grand, here in perth. i'm not particularly looking forward to it as it falls in the fasting month of ramadhan this year, which means the predominantly muslim community of malaysians here won't be overly-enthusiastic. there's a fair amount of non-muslims, though (someone told me there's more malaysian chinese students here than any other race? tbc), so here's to hoping.

happy independence day all of you peeps, even if you're not from one of the aforementioned countries. stick it to the man!

other national days in august: benin, bolivia, burkina faso, chad, cook island, côte d'ivoire, dominican Republic, equador, gabon, hungary's st. stephen's day, indonesia, jamaica (first monday of aug, not a set date), kyrgyzstan (pronounce that, biatches), liechenstein, moldova, congo, slovakia, south korea, switzerland, tartarstan (best served with fish-and-chipsstan), trinidad & tobago, turks & caicos islands, ukraine, uruguay.

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