Thursday, 28 January 2010

hiiiiiiighway to hellllll (sing it with me)

the road paved with good intentions,
is dusty and weather-worn;
its lanes are grown with malice-weed,
bias-shrubs that thorn.
the highway built upon success,
can testify with chagrin;
his brother is in need of care,
from gold-en-lies and dollar-sin.

for those who prefer the speedy route,
to wealth and social status;
(and there are many who would, mind you),
as power is no weak impetus.
in fact the latter may be defined sometimes,
as former times distance, by time;
and indeed, these things are what one loses,
when taking the road-less-prime.

i wish i could say that i had chosen,
to travel the hardened one;
instead of taking the speedway, though,
it's more of a tolled autobahn.
nay, i admit, such choices were indeed,
cryptic and hard to be made;
especially when signs are frightfully close,
to the exits made with fake-jade.

instead i boldly closed my eyes,
and swerved to left, to right,
and thought it random, spontaneous,
(though to god i prayed with great might).
that maybe i should pick the one,
which is easiest upon the soul,
and he picked for me instead (what i think),
would vomit me out whole.
again i reiterate, with passionate dismay,
the choice which was to be made;
but now i think of it, really,
why was i so, readily, afraid?

to which of the choices that i had made,
i cannot easily tell, otherwise;
for, you see, i had already passed juncture,
by far, once i opened my eyes!
and the scenery, oh, the scenery,
that is of no consequence;
because, i reckon, they both do so,
look the same as from thence.

but as an academic question,
a matter of pure hypothetical rue,
which does one chose, in the face of death?
amongst the lesser two?
the hardships, and wanton disregard,
the false-might and misleading bends?
or treachery-laden-tarmac, and bitter-bitumen,
which leads to different (same) ends?

oh, never you mind, your little mind,
this questions is pure 'let's say',
in fact, having a choice, indeed,
this is unadulterated heresay!

and when you go to sleep tonight, and dream of all the ends, remember each road and those;
who've crashed and burned - for they were once your friends.

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