Monday, 11 January 2010

and obvious

my previous post is somewhat cryptic and left hanging. unlike how i would normally like to claim, this is not intended, and is resultant from me suddenly having to rush off and send my dad to the airport. which in turn, stems from the event that is the cab driver's wife prematurely giving birth (which, as i follow up, was uneventful and he is now the proud father of a... something).

in any case, i am a big believer of writing (or any type of expression) in the moment, and thus have lost the initial gusto and inspiration of the prior post. however, there is a story attached to it, which i will detail below, but not before soothing the critics with my philosophy on expression, in which, would include the aforementioned writing in the flair of the moment, but that is not to say that one should rush in without head or tail of what is to be written (or, again, more generally, expressed). everyone has their own middle ground which they should rarely compromise, and it is my communal duty to remind everyone to keep to your sweet spot. rabble rabble, on with the related story.

so, it may come to some readers' unsurprising attention that the pillsbury dough boy has gotten married. although i have a pseudonym for the wifey, which has been instilled and propagated since high school (both dough boy and wife are my friends from way, way, way back when; although this is not to say that they are highschool sweethearts), i shall refrain from mentioning it here.

in any case, it is at his wedding reception, yesterday, that i meet a friend whom i have not met in about 6 months. fully knowing that he is somewhat eccentric (which is a very good adjective to use in this situation, considering the options i may have used if writing back in highschool), i made the fallacy of keeping him company throughout most of the reception. however, he did not really know many people there, and i felt it somewhat inappropriate to just leave him to his doings - nobody should be left hanging at such a joyous occasion. and it is during my talking with him that i come to emphasise to myself that indeed, our thoughts are never really in conformation, or even in parallel with another's.

i'm the kind of annoying person who finishes other persons' sentences should they seem to stall or look lost, and on the majority of occasions, i can safely say that i get the gist of what they're saying because i actually follow the thought process during a conversation. however, as proven by this person, nobody really knows another that well (and i never have claimed to be of such quality, but yes, let's just use this flow for example's purpose). this does not help that he has a somewhat 'jumpy' chain of thoughts (which, for the medics who read, is a nice example of schizophrenic dissociation of thought. i'm not sure if i got that correct, because i haven't done psychology in a really long time, so please correct me if i've got it wrong).

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