Sunday, 3 January 2010

curiosity frightened the cat

as i was mowing the grass earlier today, i notice that our cat is keenly observing me. quite possibly perplexed by the loud noise and blatant destruction of his favourite stalking spot, harry humors my attempt to experiment with his sense of curiosity - as i flick the machine on, his ears perk up and he is standing at ready, in the feline 'attack' position, eyes glaringly full of apprehension and poise. and when i flick it off, he goes back to cruise control, sitting on all fours, perhaps licking his paws to say 'carry on, mortal'. again, repeating the manipulative variable results in unerring response.

now, this may seem uneventful, but as i have said earlier, this is his favourite stalking spot, where he routinely lays in wait for unsuspecting squirrels, birds, frogs and the occasional wallaby. and as such, harry has a fondness for the patch which is revealed as i proceed to cut down the foilage - constant hissing and baring of fangs, which i (foolishly) ignore, as i am focusing on the back pain the ordeal is causing. additionally, as per an earlier post elaborates, one does not mess with the intellect of cats.

as i breeze through the grass, childishly pretending i am godzilla, laying waste to whatever-it-is city in japan, there is a faint smell of ... something. i cannot put my thumb on what it is, thankfully, and continue ravaging the japanese citizens. i mean, cutting the grass, and watch the moths, bugs, slugs and spiders flit / crawl / crawl / skitter away. then, BAM. something explodes in the midst of weeds, and unfortunately, it is not the miniature buildings i conjure to be there, in my mind. again, BAM, another explosion, and now it hits me square in the face. the smell is no longer obscure as i make it out to be cat shit. yeap, shitsplosions is pretty good revenge, for an uncanny cat. i gaze in harry's direction to find him smiling, at me, obviously aware that his trap has been triggered to great effect.

f*cking cat

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