Friday, 8 April 2011

time machine

there's many points in life when i wish i could go back in time and change certain key points in my history. i think of this so much, in fact, that i have it narrowed down to a list of 3 key points, exactly. though the pomp and circumstance of each situation is important, and paradoxically unimportant to what i am stating today, it is essential that i point out that there are, indeed, such turning points in our every lives (and if you disagree, you are either a lucky b*s3rd, or deserve a punch in the face for being a liar).

however, many things shape our outlooks on life - from how we percieve things to how we deal with things, to how we respond to things. though what i say may just be shrugged off because it contains no value and fits no context, i would like to say it anyway:

like many scholars of the eastern philosophies, one should learn to accept things, not only as they are, but with the confidence that each occurance has produced a best-fit solution. each and every time. it may be easy for one to find, in his limited and short-sighted mind, a plethora of ways in which each occasion could have been bettered, but at the end of the day, even the simple belief that this could not be further from the truth is sometimes enough to lead us to making better decisions at each of the new corners we face, be they major or inconsequential ones.

to reiterate, the thought that things couldn't have turned out better (not just for oneself but for everyone on a whole), may be the saving grace of our very existence. and the fact that i still live is a testimony to this, if only in my own mind. ah, well, i suppose if things were to happen in a different way, i would not have had them happen the same way they replay in my mind, anyway, so there is naught but folly in assuming that they would.

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