Friday, 1 April 2011


a lot of my fellow bloggers link video-clips or youtube clips on their blogs, which is pretty cool. i've always had a thing against doing that, since it derails from actually writing. however, i don't really write all that much nowadays, even though i really intend to get back at some point. things just haven't permitted such. and life is just too complicated right now. as such, i'm going to try this for a bit. one week to be exact. and you can look forward to a clip a day, each time representing a bit of the theme i'm living through right now.

however, i do realise in the fullest that when other people do this on their blogs or facebook or the such, i rarely view the videos. this is partially due to indifference, and partially due to my mac slowly dying away, much similar to what little bit of soul and faith i have left. and so, i guess, i don't really expect anyone to view these, but it does serve here as a good reminder to myself, should i go through my archives in the future (something i actually enjoy doing). but for that small fraction of a percentage of people (where in this case n < 3) who actually relate to the songs, these are dedicated to you - for the lyrics only really mean something to someone who can empathise, and the melancholy is only spared to those who sympathise with their fellows. skull!

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