Thursday, 7 April 2011


hello again, everyone! in the final installation of song-a-long, we visit the kubler-ross model, more commonly known as the five stages of grief. though he writes in specific reference to death, any tragedy can easily befit the model. as such, through the week we (i) have visited (though not actually in this order) the following:

1. denial
2. anger
3. bargaining
4. depression

and have yet to come to the final stage...

5. acceptance.

however, it would be folly to say that this will never come about, and one day or another, i think i'll finally be at peace with myself (and fermina, i would hope). in lieu of that, the final song is dedicated to accepting grief.

in other news, i find it ironic that i started blogging in the first place to cope with worldly woes, and ended up on hiatus for the same reason. i guess that didn't work well, and writing does provide a good outlet for the soul. in conclusion, back to blogging like before.

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