Tuesday, 26 April 2011

woods from the trees (omg there's a flying lizard, too)

sometimes i like to think that life is like a giant forest. it doesn't have to be a conventional forest with trees and such, and most of the time i end up dreaming that the objects around you change. perpetually. incessantly.

you're not really trying to get to a point on the other side of all these trees; you don't really know where you're headed except you're moving around in this vast and practically infinite world of events. which is not to say that life is such a big adventure for everyone - in fact most of the people i know strive to make it linear and predictable. there is a sense of security required as a basic need for many persons to just keep moving. and (unsaddling my high horse here) i am happy to admit that i am one of these persons. in the most extreme of senses, too. monotony, how i love thee. say you'll never leave me?

the themes explored in my brief ennuis are neither alien nor novel. attaining maturity, convolution of events, unpredictability of life, so on and so forth. i am not trying to claim grounds on any of these ideas. the only thing i do want to claim is having learnt from my mistakes. and there should be a godaymn prize for this, too, because it's not something that came easily.

one of the greatest things about life is the fleetingness of it all - the fact that you can be scaling a tree one second, and falling to your death the next; or swimming a lake today only to wake up adrift in a sea of madness and mad men. women, too, if you like. gender equality and all that jazz. so, for a person such as myself, where ecstasy is taking a couple hours from a daily slog to engage in escapism, only to return when i need to instead of when i want, coming to terms with that life will not grow the garden of idealisms and set-goals you've (i've) worked for all along is a very scary idea. that, and in converse, life will probably mutate into that scary and exciting forest we wanted for metaphor earlier.

the next big step would probably be not just coming to terms with this, but embracing it. loving it for all it's worth. and best of all, living it to the fullest. feel free to insert your cliched remarks here about having no regrets or seizing the day. i would care to banter with you but there's some pterodactyls flying overhead that need to say hello to my steam-punk grappling hook.

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