Friday, 31 December 2010

random quickie

no, not that type. silly little internet pervs.

off to do some stuff, so here's some random thoughts i've been wanting to post about, but who knows if i'll have the opportunity.

1. meeting up with my friend last night, we were b*tching about the government talking about the politics and social structure of the country. still reluctant to be specific, let me direct you to the concept of 1[holy motherland] and his 2 cents on the topic:
i am a second rate citizen in my own country. f*kn boomies.

this is further made ironic by the fact that they're handing out citizenships to random immigrants. i mean, when illegal immigrants can have their kids become the president, and people who've been there for 5-odd generations, something must be very wrong. or very awesome. though i'm inclined to go with the 'wrong' thing.

2. somehow, we also managed to talk about hot chicks appreciation of women, and i brought up how white guys like asian girls, and asian guys like white girls (girls' preferences are complex, so let's not go into that. obviously being black has its perks in this matter because size is a big thing, if you know what i mean). anyway, according to him, this only makes sense because men do not know how to appreciate women of other races, which is why even though, for example, white guys dig asian chicks, the chicks that they end up going out with are not generally cute by an asian guy's standards. same goes with other races, male and female. i thought this was a pretty interesting thought at the time, and obviously writing a short paragraph on it has not done it any justice... oh well.

3. man, chocolate is so awesome.

4. nobel prizes! god, i've procrastinated on this one so much. they actually showed this on television (live and slightly delayed), so for the first time ever, you might have been able to watch the ceremonies! not that anyone actually watched, though. sadly i had to attend to stuff halfway through watching, so i only watched the peace and literature prizes, so i guess i'll go on about the sciency stuff another time.

5. holiday by the beach! lots of good food, but really nothing much besides that :/ ended up spending most of my time at the food stalls and in the hotel room because it rained...

this is pretty lacklustre, i don't think i really like these short update kind of posts. but never you mind that! off to do stuff!

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