Sunday, 2 January 2011

anally illogical

a long time ago, i wrote (and preferred to write) in analogies, especially when it comes to real life situations concerning myself. this has the same reasoning i write in pseudo-anonimity - namely because i find baring myself emotionally is like walking down the street naked. that and the government may be out to get me.

though i have parted ways with this method, at least in the extreme version that i thought i would be writing till today, i have not forgotten it as a favourite modus operandi. and today, i revisit this little niche of mine, and though i do not in the slightest hope any potential readers will empathise or even understand, i do hope one would appreciate the attempt at exposing some little bits of personal tremblings in such a wide and scrutinisable medium. so here goes...

the good: it is interesting to think that our lives are slices in time of a finite state automaton, where each state is the result of interactions of a previous (or many previous) state(s). consider the following: if every condition we are in - every decision, every thought, every action, every reaction - is all pre-determined by previous states, then there goes human will, whoosh, out the window. and, as i have so easily elaborated upon before in this blog, with the loss of will comes the loss of authority and responsibility. which is an enticing prospect to me.

one can choose to make this very mathematical, very cold, hard and logic. or one can make of this something very spiritual - fatalism is, of course, the product of philosophy and theology, propagated by the human instinct to be aloof and irresponsible.

but this is not a very situational analogy.

the bad
: think of a product on the shelf of a shopping isle. it is packaged badly, let's say in a drab, gray tin can. let's also give it a ridiculously high price, but place the price tag at a very hard-to-reach part of the shelf (and let's also say it's non-existent on the can). the product itself is quite bad - maybe if it were a foodstuff item, it is bland and tasteless, possibly even horrendous to some, though a very select few would use the term 'acquired taste' but to no avail. like brussel sprouts. horrible things.

for some reason you have the unfortunate luck of picking up such a can, and peruse it for some time. it is nothing compared to the normal brands you would buy, and let's say this is a particularly unlucky day for the can, which has been manhandled during shipping and is dented or even rusty at the edges. maybe some signs if the contents going bad, though you can't really tell.

just a look up a couple of shelves shows you better products which you can testify for, so why would you even buy this piece of crap? why is it even on display? why are the manufacturers still in business, and why the hell are you being bombarded with so many questions at once? demand great justice. for the sake of users everywhere. know your rights.

the ugly
: that's a me-a!

the reality
: think of a village idiot. what he can do in promise, he can only promise to do in reality. what he can do today, he cannot actually do tomorrow, and since he promises to do everything tomorrow (as he is obviously busy today), that leaves him with the (in)ability to do anything at all.

though i use the image of a certain someone here, rest assured this is a personal analogy at the end of the day, and i can only think it befittingly sarcastic (and quite the poetic piece of justice) that this will come around to yours truly eventually.

now let us commission the village idiot with a task of building an empire from ruins, and supply him with a tight budget, though we never scrutinise this and leave him to his own doings. promise him a home of his own choice in this utopian empire, where he has nothing to fear of, and everything to gain. and in him, we trust the future of our children and their children's children. what do you suppose can come of such an arrangement? surely not something the village idiot can fathom even for himself.

i leave you today, with this, and promise you never to make a similar post (lies), at least for the immediate future! toodles.

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