Tuesday, 11 January 2011


as some may know, one of my favourite webcomics is xkcd, and the major theme(s) in the comic are, as self-decribed; math, love and sarcasm. today i'd like to try my own hand at a combination of these three, centring around the very basic mathematical and logic concepts of proof: induction vs. deduction. and of course, a minor take on love. with some sarcasm in the mix.


1. we assume f(n) is a function of love or loving, and that f(n) = true for a given day n.

2. i have loved her from the first day i set eyes on her. that magical smile, that coy laugh, that pristine moment of epiphanous realisation of such outward feelings. i have loved her from day one, and so f(n) = true for n = 1.

3. i have learned to love her even more with every passing day, with never a dwindle, even in its slightest. hence, f(n) is true for today, as it was for yesterday, and will be true tomorrow as it is today. f(n) = true for n = n+1.

in fact, with the growth of such affection, it is even more true with each coming day, and if a numerical value were assigned to the function, f(n) < f(n+1) < f(n+2) < ...

4. f(n) is true for all values of n, where n > 0 (and is an integer, but never you mind that), and i will love her 'til the end (or at least until the set of n approaches infinity.

5. <3


1. i love the way she smiles.
2. i love the way she laughs.
3. i love the way she she walks for miles.
4. i love when cross paths.

5. i love it when she cries (but only in my arms).
6. i love the way she shies away from my lack of charms.
7. i love how she brights my days, though how i do not know.
8. i love in so many different ways, the way she says 'hello'.

9. i love the way she dresses.
10. i love to hear her talk.
11. i love how she's such a good cook.
12. i love the swagger in her walk.

13. i love the way she likes the dark.
14. i love how she likes kids (even those who throw a fit).
15. question mark ??? question mark ???
16. profit.


it's not a complete list, but that's why i love her for every new thing i learn each and every day.

conclusion: i love her for who she is.

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