Sunday, 26 December 2010

tonight we dine in hell. on chocolate. mmm.

i've been slacking since i've been on holiday. that means i haven't been jogging or playing football, and been eating everything i can imagine (that's yummy in my tummy mmm).

i reckon i've put on some weight, probably about 3 kilos. and who is to blame? leonidas.

wait, what? no, not that leonidas. the other one, that belgian chocolate brand.

every day i open those little chocolate-boxes and just pick the ones i like (all of them, obviously). my dad bought about 7 boxes or so? and now i think there's only 3 left. and nobody else in the house eats them besides me. how can you blame me, though! it's all full of chocolatey orgasm on a rainbow of yumminess.

btw these boxes make super awesome gifts (if you can bear to part with them) and i think they only cost 5 euros a pack or so? well that was on an extreme promotion or something, but still. i reckon they don't cost too much. anyway. can't type, gotta eat chocolates. damn you leonidas. damn you. this. is. FATTENINGGGGGG.

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