Wednesday, 22 December 2010

you're simply the best

i wanted to write about the public transport today, for various reasons. however, something caught my attention as i was watching the news (which is a very rare occasion, mind you, seeing that it makes me facepalm 80% of the time, and roll my eyes the remaining 20%). so, today's story is about government and private monopolies. usually i am very pedantic about keeping things general, especially when it comes to criticising commenting on the holy motherland because you can get in some deep sh*t for stepping on the wrong toes. however, today i make an exception because there are some blatant discrepancies between what's being touted and the wanting reality of it all:

the national kite, the wau. you are the best airline in the holy motherland. even though you charge prices ten times that of what your quality represents, you are the best airline.

the national animal, the tiger. you are the best bank in the holy motherland. even though you charge a nominal fee on every transaction (something that no other major bank in the world does, because it's just blatantly retarded), you are the best bank.

the swallow. you are the best postal service in the holy motherland. even though you throw away festive cards by the roadside because you can't be half-assed to deliver them (because nobody even notices, right?), you are the best postal service.

the positive-charged particle of an atom, you are the best car manufacturer in the holy motherland. even though you can only survive by undercutting foreign car manufacturers via the imposition of a ridiculous tax on them, you are the best car manufacturer.

telek*m, ten*ga nation*l berh*d, ind*h h2o, etc. etc. etc. you're all the best at what you do, even though you are full to the brim with corruption and inefficiency, with corner-cutting and absence of any form of ethics whatsoever. even though you suck proverbial ass are not up to the standards my high horse and i impose upon you, you're the best at what you do.

because you have no competition.

p/s: next time, we'll take a look at a user's view of a specific example - public transport.

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