Sunday, 19 December 2010

all i want for xmas

christmas in australia is during the summer. which doesn't really make that much of a difference, but just putting it out there. no snow? no big crowds? not really that much to do? that's pretty standard in perth. besides, i'm back home for the summer break, and even if i weren't, i'd normally be travelling (just seeing friends and the such, because travelling during the winter is awful. i'd rather just keep my cash and wait 'til spring break). but anyway, that's all fine and dandy. i wanted to post something christmasy but i am actually pressed for time (another wedding to attend! it really is that time of year).

so just as a preliminary, here's a wishlist of a few things i'd like for xmas. just a top 3. you know. nothing fancy. not like i'm hinting at something. just saying.

in no particular order:

1. an ipod.
i know it's not in fashion nowadays. i know i'm kinda behind the trend curve. but really, all i want is a classic ipod. not even the current ipod classic model, which has video and colour and everything. one of those first gen ipods. like so.

obviously they don't make them any more. but i just want something simple, and that being the point, i wouldn't say no to the current generation ipod classic. as for why? i spend a lot of time on the bus, or jogging, or just randomly walking from place to place, and for the most part, i find myself singing to myself or something along those lines. especially so when i can't afford to read or something like that (i have this motion sickness thing when i'm on busses sometimes. it's pretty random because sometimes i get it and other times i'm just fine and dandy. not the gay dandy).

why not settle for any mp3 music player (i'm not sure they use the .mp3 format anymore? who knows?)? i guess i could. i dunno, maybe i've just wanted an ipod since way back when. but now that i think of it, yeah any player will do fine. all it needs to do is play my music. and not suck.

2. kindle
it honestly breaks my heart how little i read nowadays. i mean, i'm not a bookworm kinda person - at least not as much as some people are - but i do enjoy a good read. i find it hard to keep at one book, though, and nowadays it just seems my attention span is a little kid on a sugar rush. also high on lsd or some 'upper' designer drug. with coffee on the side. and adhd. going off on a tangent now.

anyway. when i can spare a respite from lecture notes and articles, i find myself bringing 2 books (or more) on the bus. currently it's 2 smaller ones, re-reading dorian gray and starting catch-22. but, yeah, i've also got this book on wwii and i'm looking to re-read lotr at some point... so that's probably as heavy as another laptop in the bag. do not want.

a kindle seems like a pretty decent option. it's not particularly pricey (i think? gotta check the current prices) and i can probably store a guano-load of books in there. oh, and i hear the battery time is pretty amazing. and, no to an ipad. horribly overpriced and just way overqualified for my means. although it might come in handy in the future... i dunno. no. must not give in to temptation. yeah, kindle. please, santa? i've not been naughty all year (lies).

3. umm. idk?
well, i actually only had the idea for those two items above when i started writing. and i hoped a third would come to me as the words flowed. but, no, not really. i can think of a thousand practical thinks i need, but i guess that's subject to debate. a phd scholarship would be nice. maybe something civic like world peace (not really feasible :/) or at least an attainable solution to famine? to the energy crisis?

nah. too self-righteous (and pretentious? i guess). maybe something a bit selfish. but not too much. like undying love or passion for something. or lots of money, hell yeah. i think i'm going to ask santa for a rain check on this one.

oh, and let's not forget the original(albeit tacky clip),

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