Saturday, 25 September 2010

mangina and its synonyms

some time ago i wrote about the conceptual penis and its caveats. after since, i have been receptive to other words in search of a better term. so far the normal stuff are like mangina, breasticles, vagenis etc etc. and i just can't find something that fits the bill.

on one hand, i think this is because the concept i'm trying to convey (not that it's a new one, in any way), and on the other, i think this is because i'm not even sure what it is a definition should encompass and hold.

in any case, i think this is a concept well worth mulling about. and i fully intend to find a good definition so that one day, maybe i can use it in a conversation and people will actually know what i'm talking about.

ah, i procrastinate my work too much.

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