Monday, 27 September 2010

google autofill. also, derailment of thought.

google autofill does the weirdest crap. i'm sure all the memeticly-inclined lurkers are already typing out 'old meme is old'. in their 400 wpm blaze of light. only pausing to refresh another forum window. i hate you all.

*ahem*. google autofill. i run a shitty old powerbook g4. some (all) of my tech-savvy friends groan and whine when they hear about it. and believe me, you can hear all about it from a mile away. the nearest resemblance of sound i can quote to you of my laptop's fan is that of an aeroplane taking off. one of those big ones, i think a380 is a good comparison. and no, stop trying to make me type airplane. here, have more cheese with that whine.

anyway, back to relevance... i run a shitty old powerbook g4. and it takes forever for stuff to load up. so, when i use google to search for stuff (guys, i know where your mind is going, but surely you use more sophisticated tools than google to help you... pass the time... fluff the garfeild... whatever it is you call your happy time). but yeah.

takes forever to load stuff up. so i never really notice google's autofill doing stuff. it just takes longer than i can type stuff out, and usually i know what stuff i want to check out, anyway, so the point is moot. also, i have google search embedded in my toolbar somewhere... so autofill doesn't get triggered most of the time.

anyway. last night i was using the old-skool google for something, i dunno. and i typed out 'is it wrong...' and left it at that to go answer the phone. don't ask me what i was googling up (oh hey, hello google as a verb). i really can't remember, i was pretty much half asleep already at the time. so i come back, and autofill has some really weird crap going on.

'is it wrong to sleep with my mother/sister/aunt/brother'
heck, pretty much every suggestion was 'is it wrong to sleep with [someone]'

seriously, what is wrong with the world, today? what day did i fall asleep and wake up only to have missed some international bill where sleeping around is acceptable, popular, trendy, and; dare i say; encouraged? not just normal sleeping around, but with members of your immediate family / old people (god, that's gross) / the neighbour's dog / [equally disturbing image here]?

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