Friday, 17 September 2010

the life and times of idolatry

some time ago (in fact, it was not too long ago), man was infatuated with fermina. in fact, one could say that man was infatuated with the idea of fermina; not who she is but what she stood for.

then, in the light of un-acceptance and distancing, man's body would heal, his mind would forget and his spirit would forgive. but his heart would never be free.

this would not have been a problem, had the red queen's reign come into being with steadfast and unrelenting precision. but, being the queen that she is, there is no monarchy, no matriarchy, no dictatorship. there is only promise of a promise.

and now, wanting what one might want from the world, but unable to attain it without worldliness, fermina re-introduces herself to man, and insomuch as begging as much as requesting for wanting, we question the sitting of man's heart -

does it sit on a throne, or does it lie upon a pedestal?

such is the life of blind idolatry.

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