Tuesday, 27 July 2010

wake up... another day

life is a big cost/benefit analysis. every buck earned is from simple investment, every item procured is with the presumption that it's worth at least the amount we pay for it, every decision is a setup for future ones and every girl (or guy) gone out with has to place favourably on the crazy-hot curve.

in fact, the world is so binary that most of the time i think that we're all just dominoes falling into place starting from whenever the first one did, be it the big bang, spontaneous creation, when one universe decided to get drunk and hit up the singles' bar and forgot to bring a pack of rubber, jesus-on-a-dare (more on this another time) or oprah winfrey. wait no, the last one is the destruction of the universe, not creation. or is that rosie o'donenll? hmmm, i'm thinking it's possibly miley cyrus.

take the red pill, and you get molested in the as$ by a big, black dude. take the blue pill, and you get molested in the as$ by a big, black dude.

ahem. anyway. that's just sometimes. other times i think the world is so wacky and batsh*t crazy that, there's just too many red pill/blue pill situations that there has to be some green pill or purple pill options somewhere, right? i mean where would we all be if there wasn't any grey areas in life? probably vegas, or downtown shinjuku, but let's not digress.

those japanese are just so funny, it's not. reminds me of reality.

i guess, apart from me just trying to rant it out here that 'life is crazy as crazy does', and any of you readers probably already knowing this, i wanted to make one thing clear. and it's about parenting (whodathunk). if i ever get a kid, not that i actually really want one of them... another on this some other day. as soon as (s)he can understand the words that are coming outta my mouth, i'm going to teach the little monster this: life is cruel, ruthless, unforgiving, and above all, a b*tchy ex-girlfriend pms-ing moby dick on a stick. and because of that, we should relish the feeling and perish the thought of escape. and love it all the same.

now where did i put that prozac?

here's a whale. not on a stick. but look at it. it's huge. and it flies. moby dick ain't got sh*t on this.

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