Monday, 12 July 2010

viva lo españa

well, my team didn't win the world cup 2010. that's okay, i'm not a die-hard fan, and although at heart i honestly thought brazil, argentina and germany played the best, that's not necessarily how the tournament is won. there's always that dash of luck, brilliance, misfortune, whatever you want to call it. and so, in the finals, spain (rightfully) defeated holland 1-0.

first and foremost, let me just say that both teams weren't exactly stellar, and for a final match there was so much lacklustre to go around, you could fill a 10-gallon hat with extra to bake a chocolate sea-cucumber cake. and when i say lacklustre, i mean sweet anime jesus boring-as-hell with a side of fries. no kidding. but, among the two evils, spain was by far the lesser one, and so they deserved the win fair and square. with a pentagon in there, somewhere. you're all probably bigger football enthusiasts than i am, so i won't really elaborate much. but really, this was supposed to be football, not foot-to-face, or in de jong vs. alonso, foot-chest. take a look:

there is no way in heaven, hell, purgatory and everything in between, that that doesn't deserve a red card or two. de jong should count his lucky stars (and i bet he did) and just for that mortal kombat-esque farce of a challenge, i now hate holland as a team. well, not just because of that, but because holland played more wrestling / kickboxing than football. i've seen football from the ghetto with less violence. and they use knives, metal chains and knuckle dusters, too. i exaggerate.

anwyway, another thing that totally made me go -_- lolwtf? was the aussie commentators throughout the match early this morning. i'm not particularly articulate nor am i saying i could come up with engaging banter while making commentary on a football game. however, the two commentators (don't know who they are, bless their souls) were just downright horrible. i'm talking like holland-football horrible. damn straight, i went there. again. and they got the players' names mixed up at least twice. that's totally unprofessional, ignorant, face-palmable and downright sad. baby easterbunny jesus weeps for both of you. for shame.

rants aside. good game, spain. gtfo netherlands. truly football from some nether... region... ish... pun... something. maybe once your players learn to control their tempers and actually play the beautiful game, you guys might deserve a win. and to think i rooted for you guys to an extent. disgraceful!

now i need to find a replay of the 3rd-place match, which is apparently, much more entertaining than last night's. that, and catch up on some zzzz.

p/s: every single match that i watched this world cup, the team i've supported lost the match. this has to be some kind of record. i've got a better track record than that stupid octopus, i deserve my 5 mins of fame for this. now that i think of it, i totally shouldn't have watched any of the argentina matches until it was all over.

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