Tuesday, 17 May 2011

what dreams may day

dreaming has been associated with many things, from sleep deprivation to fertility to divine intervention to just being bat-$h!t crazy. we'll not talk about the research related to these inferences, partially because i don't buy most of it, and partially because there is no reproducibility in the results. and, of course, it's downright dry and dull.

however, we shall talk about a recurring theme of dreams that i've had recently, which has been driving me nuts. over the past month or so, i've been dreaming heavily of running away from something or towards something. just basically running. like a mad man. on steroids. and this is coming from someone who rarely dreams (or rarely remembers his dreams). it's just downright redonkulous.

for example, i've dreamt of running a marathon. and running away from a pack of dogs. and running towards a finish line (though similar to the marathon dream, this one was a bit wacky in that it wasn't really a race but there was a finish line. seriously wtf). you get the picture. oh, yeah, the best one was running away while the earth is falling apart. think armageddon meets 2012. where would one run to if the whole earth is crumbling beneath your feet? honestly, these dreams make me feel like a retard.

but, anyway *ahem*. that's what the dreams are about. more importantly, though, is how the dreams end. abrupt. confusing. and, always. always. i wake up panting like a rabid dog, dehydrated to the bone and with my head spinning like a merry-go-round. i'm also usually sweating and feeling super hot. once in a while i might even feel ever-so-slightly nauseous. but that's kind of stretching it.

just like how a double rainbow puzzles some, 'what does it mean?' i wish i knew someone who interprets dreams. actually, i do, but this person hasn't divulged any info of use as of yet. agh, the confusion!

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