Tuesday, 10 May 2011

goodbye, old friend

well, well, well. look what the cat dragged in. some negligent blogger, apparently!

so, there's a lot of things that have been happening lately, and i obviously had wanted to write about them (it's therapeutic!). however, lady luck is being a persistent and proverbial biatch, much to my dismay. my old powerbook g4 has finally died, and for the record, i'd like to state that it really wasn't its fault (i may have accidentally dropped it from my lab bench. possibly). who knows how many years it had in it left, but going strong at 7 years, even though it made the noise of an aeroplane taking off every time i started the old thingamajig up... i still love you!

in any case, the poor thing has died, and i have lost my reason to live... i mean, i have been finding it hard to do the things that i used to take for granted. i've lost all my passwords (which i forget 20s after penning down), i can't do my internet banking, i can't check my emails (although i seem to have no problems checking facebook from the lab computer) etc. etc. you get the picture.

so yeah, blogging... put on the backburner for a while, but when i get my new laptop (hopefully this weekend, if i can manage to get paid. apparently my employers are having some problems with my tax file number, so i haven't been paid properly in a while /sadfase). macbookpro, i'm thinking. hmmm. still haven't decided which and what to get.

ahh, writing on the fly with no purpose is so disconcerting, i need to get back into the mood of having a topic to write about. in any case... toodles with noodles.

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