Thursday, 12 May 2011

of cats, teapots and flowers

a kitten!
a kitten!
we all are but smitten,
there isn't a sound that it would make sad;
but after the meows and soft, cuddly snores,
what's that? poo on my bed?
*smack* bad, kitty, bad!
a teapot!
a teapot!
what better to make friends?
a soothing, lemon-smell does waft'n the air;
but, oh, here comes kitten! prancing up and down,
down topples and *crash*!
oh, my, that's not fair.

a love letter!
a love letter!
how could you not smile?
when reading soft lines of unrequited warmth?
how cruel is thine fate, when hearts do not meet,
and destiny's daughter does nigh step forth.
a rose!
a rose!
what beautiful prose,
was written to 'company this undying heart;
but gone are the days when right is preferred,
we've all failed to do our small, petty part.

a tissue!
a tissue!
is all that is left,
of sickly-sweet sorrows, and petty distractions;
*ahem* don't be quick to judge that meek suitor,
what lacks he in blind, he
makes up in affection.
an ending!
and ending!
quick, call for one now!
he sighs and he wallows in languid self-guilt;
*slap* goes the wrist,
*sigh* goes one's lips,
there crumbles the hopes he has long has tried built!

omg, you're kidding me, a kitten & roses teapot really does exist! let the lols commence!

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