Thursday, 19 August 2010

so. very. tired.

i'm not sure why, but i always end up nodding off in lectures nowadays. i can understand how this used to happen during my undergrad years, what with having 9 - 5 classes, with the occasional lab/dissection sessions. speaking of which, having parasitology labs just before lunch is a great way for all you girls trying for a diet, and all you guys trying to buff up by skipping the lean. here's an example of what would normally greet you in said sessions:

anyway. yeah. that was way back when. nowadays i have like 2 lectures back to back and i'm already dead. it doesn't help that there's only about 7 students in any given lecture, and the lecturer can hardly miss anyone not paying attention, much less someone who blatantly faceplants into the swiveling desk thingy.

my friend says it's low iron. ehhh. i dunno. i've never been the type to buy into all these supplements and the hype related to them. but it fits, and any good doctor would probably hack up a prescription for me, or something like that. which would have nothing to do with their revenues, of course. because people are philantropists that way. criticisms on healthcare system saved for another day.

but yeah. so tired. all the time. it's like a malignancy just waiting to implode, and one day, i swear, i'll think back on this and say, 'god, i knew that tumor started back then'. at which point it'll be too late.

i wish there were pills to help keep you awake for a couple hours or so. oh, wait, those things do exist. they probably mess up your brain chemistry enough to cause cancers, if i don't have one already.

mmmm. mri scans. my favourite flavour, too.

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