Friday, 20 August 2010


remember boys and girls,
before you cross the road, so scary;
look left, look right, look far ahead,
of the rook you must be wary.
he comes, so obvious,
his strides don't vary.
he picks off kids,
who stop and tarry.

because, unlike alice, poor girl,
you shan't stop to count beads of rosary,
or smell the roses, chrysanthemums unfurl,
while merchants stamp them in their fury.
in any case, the rook is harsh,
a castle of coal and wizardry;
cannot be beat, since its creation,
to challenge it would be great folly.

so, guard your queen,
and look out for,
the rook, 'fore he forces through.
you'll pay your green,
your debts of lore,
of gold, of thought, and of sinew.

'lil boys and girls, have you checked your closets, and under your beds so dingy?
'cause monsters aren't as scary as, oh ye, what spawns fury.

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