Saturday, 28 August 2010

professor ted

i've been catching up on a lot of 'how i met your mother' lately. like 2 seasons-worth in a week. awesome and legend-wait-for-it-ary. but that also means that my work has been... quality challenged. borderline impaired. but let's have none of that. because, that's just depressing, and if we can all learn from barney one thing, and one thing only, it's this: denial is the first step to escapism into a world that is just plain. awesome.

anyway. the reason i bring up himym is the following; i've always related to ted as a character. not to say that i am in any way like him, but just that i relate to a lot of things that he stands for. monogamy (although this may be better represented in marshall and lily). romanticism. keeping a straight nose for things. idealisms. pacifism. all that jazz.

but i also empathise (and sympathise) with some of his caveats and pitfalls. and do them from time to time. yeah. like his emotional involvement. although i didn't ever perform a 'mosby'. his tendency to overlook things and only see the signs and telltales which serve or support his agenda (the stella and the leaving him at the altar arc. cold bloodeeddddddd). persnickety about details and constantly correcting little things (even though he may not be in the right, in the first place) [is't pronounced encyclo-pay-de-ya. right.]. all that jazz.

and so, at the end of season 4 (yeah i know season 5 is coming to an end, calm down, i'll watch it when i download the whole season at some point. no spoilers kkthx), when ted becomes professor ted. pow. blew. my. mind.

also, i've come to notice a few easter eggs that are off the hook. season 3 episode 14, at the very end. barney writes in his blog, which is, oddly and dull enough, white, boring text on a blue background. wow, what stupid blog could be lamer? this is barney. his blogs should have explosions and lasers and naked cheerleaders. right? blogging-five. but, for those too young to remember, (and here's a hint, the theme song plays in the background as he types, and the starting text is oh-so-reminiscent of another series), here's the give-away... it's a reference to the very series that got nph famous in the first place, doogie howser, m.d.!

then, in season 4 episode 15, he goes on a rant about how 'tyler' is such a horri-wait-for-it-ble actor, and says, 'call me crazy, but child actors were way better back in the 80's'. BAM. he can barely keep a straight face while saying this, ha! self-reference-five, what up!?

anyway. yeah, i just ran out of material to talk about. 'til next time, folks. now i gotta go watch me some doctor who. i heard it's awesome.

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