Thursday, 12 August 2010

how to write about timing (blogrolling and trolling)

a competent writer knows how to write. he is grammatically correct, his spelling is impeccable, his vocabulary is sufficient.

a good writer knows how to write interestingly. he plays with his words, he sculpts his phrases, he uses various modes of delivery and literary vehicles. he is unpredictable, yet coherent, his writing is culturally set and has contextual value. he makes it easy to read, and worth reading.

a great writer knows how to write superfluously, and in doing so, blows. your. mind. he writes in prose but it reads in song, he pens down words which project in pictures, he says one sentence and your mind reads in infinitum of thoughts. readers think of what is read, critics begrudgingly acknowledge his prowess and masses flock to his concepts and notions, irrespective of how they are worded.

there are many landmarks of these things. personally, i like rhetoric and rhyme; i like controversy and courtesy; i like emotion and intonation in the words on a page. what do you like?

of these many things, i cannot say i am any. and i say this, because readers are what make the writer, a lesson i am hard pressed to learn. but, i can say that i have read from a myriad of people who are all of these things, and more. i don't have a blogroll, and i don't think i will make one, but this entry is dedicated to such a thing should i have had it. and obviously the people who write. in alphabetical order:

1. candid, casual and simple. one of the few people i know who can write like they speak. adam j.
2. creative and unique. what reaches me is more the imagery than the wording. johan ishak.
3. the inspiration that started it all, thanks to pirate king for introducing me to azrael.
3. upbeat, cheerful and eerily, something i can relate to. i don't even know why. and that's one of those things that make a writer that much better than the rest of us - nj.
4. totally random, and very insightful into the life of those we always take for granted. girl in stilettos.
5. an induction into the ways of chillism - paan.
6. yet another person who writes as if the pen were her mouth (although for fear for my life and the anonymity of us both, that's all i'll say). what'sherface.
7. random. bizarre. actually quite stressful. but in a good way. this blog makes me think of the things that we have and the things that we could learn to do without. lurve.
8. one of the best writers i have come across, if only by virtue of that reader-writer relationship. some people try so hard to relate to their readers, or have their readers relate to them. and then there's those to whom this just comes naturally. ijai-not-as-cool-as-you-think-you-are...
9 and 10. simple, carefree and really, i'm not sure where this is going. the blog grows in content and in maturity as the writers do, themselves, and as far as outlooks go, here's looking to you, kids. zizi/mun.

there's quite a few more blog which i read, but i'm sure they'll excuse my not listing them here, for them not knowing about this blog, for them not knowing i read theirs, for fear that i have already written more than i should have been (again), and for them wanting their anonymity.

thanks to all the readers out there, existent or non-. to all of you, happy blogsday. have some blogsday cake.

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