Monday, 19 December 2011

stay, thee, heart

stay, thee, heart and bleed no more,
for dearth of blood and hurt from yore;
dost thou not feel, nor trow, nor think? but last in lust for nevermore?

hush, now, heart - in silence sing,
a solemn hymn for spurned love's sting;
canst thee hope for 'ternal calm? and harbour gifts for futures bring?

cometh soul, 'fore cometh meet,
hast thy none of thine heart's beat?
nary strength nor devout veil, left with sickly sorrow sweet.

plead, thee, heart for death's embrace,
cold wit of thine lover's face;
but fleeting, fleeting, this faint feel is but all gone with too much haste.

beseech, heart, of what is true,
oft rued decisions misconstrue;
shalt thou remain along thy course, or seek another heart anew?

so tarry here no longer, heart, it pains me much to hear thy beat,
though i ask much of thee today, prithee we should soon again meet;
but should it not that thou hast love, perchance thy hath of hope and calm,
know now i clutch thee at breast's breadth, and keep thee farthest 'way from harm.
stay, thee, heart;
stay, thee, heart;
stay, thee, infernal mine will,
stay, thee, heart;
stay, thee still;
mayhap wish for 'nother chill.

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