Monday, 5 December 2011

seconds of silence

for the past week, i have been living alone in an apartment for three. two of my housemates had gone home to work and get engaged, respectively, and it was an unfortunate situation that i could not attend the latter. on a side note, i should point out that it was a very auspicious occasion, and there was much pomp and rejoicing to be had. i'm sure this comes as a norm and expectancy to you, but in a culture where engagement is a very personal event (usually observed only by the mate, bride-to-be, and their immediate families), i was quite surprised to see photos up on facebook of his engagement event where it was very much like a small-scale, but elaborate wedding. kudos and hearts to the engaged couple, but let us not tarry on that, lest i divulge information not mine to talk about in the first place.

staying home alone has been something i have been familiar with for some time, and, to be honest, something i very much miss at times. one easily pipes in to say 'aha, but you say that now, because you only see things through rose-tinted glasses', and i won't argue with this. there have been perks and shortcomings, pros and caveats of living alone. however, at the end of the day, i think i very much prefer it to living with others, especially many others. don't get me wrong here, i think i get along fairly well with people in general, but there's something to be desired when you come home from work (or studies, or play, or whatever you do that makes you weary), only to have to engage with the social contract (refer to gregory house on this one). again, do not be dissuaded into believing that i am antisocial for any reason, but sometimes you just want to come home to silence and a little bit of emptiness.

i've had much time to catch up on many things - job applications (no, i do not have a job yet, and this makes me a particularly sad panda), reading some novels (yes i am still on the same reading list for a year), gaming (got back into gaming, and it's a full time job for a bum. serious business, mind you), and lazing around.

however, as much as i enjoy it, i do welcome my housemates back (for now); at least the one person who has arrived yesterday, qurrosh failscream. i don't doubt i will longingly miss my time alone soon, when everyone has returned from wherever they are, my housemates and random family and friends, included. but till then, going to catch up on my series (oh, yes, i am watching house, glee and friday night lights right now), and not miss the fact that i have to consider other persons' wanting to do this or that at any point (not that i have, prior to this; and not that my housemates are awesome enough to not care for what i do anyway!)

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