Saturday, 10 December 2011

birds of paradise

pink galahs and cockatoos, with yellow, recursive crests,
kookaburras and emus, and lorakeets with bright red breasts;
rosellas with a dainty gait, ones which are playful all the time,
black swans from perth and weird parrots that sometimes sing and sometimes rhyme.

an eastern rosella


an emu. they're actually not nice at all

cockatoos. these are amazing

and galahs are just as much

i find it funny enough, though, the most pretty bird of them all,
is not of wing or avian, and if sought flight would surely fall;
and though not fallen, has fallen true, i feel this bird can't fall for you,
so molt now and grow rainbow plumes, that i may heed your beck and call.

and au contraire it seems to me, that bird may sing a sorrow song,
till wind beneath your wings you find, i let you go for now - so long!

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