Wednesday, 9 June 2010

stylistic rhetoric. checkmate.

the shallowest pool is that of the human gene type. and that's hypocritically like calling archetypical-and-antediluvian anthropologists, hypocrites; because, really, we're all just pseudo-spidermen (peter parker) politicians. who happen to be like hypocrites. and that makes us all very, very deep indeed.

depending on interpretation, there are (or should be):

4 metaphors
3 paradoxes
2 similes
2 repetitions
2 alliterations (although one is more of a consonnance, and there's quite a few of those here, so never you mind that)
1 assonance
1 allusion
1 rhetoric

although funny, this is not really true, as it is not a metaphor :(. common misconceptions aside, it's really more of simile, or symbolism. although it could be a metaphor given the right context. hey, i just wrote all this for nothing, then. weeeewwwwww.

but more importantly, there are:
1 recurring theme in this entire blog and
1 message or question in this particular entry.

i just made this up to keep you (me) busy 'til my exams are over. should you try to find them all, then you should know what i'm talking about. can you tell me? because i don't.

now this is a kickass metaphor. goddamn i love futurama. (make sure you watch it, or you won't get the entry title).

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