Monday, 28 June 2010


firstly i would like to apologise for going off on a tangential arc recently. rest assured that the story is not just a rambling of sorts, with no intent or purpose, but (at least i would like to think) it is quite elaborately planned out, with the ingredients of making what should be a wholesome read (although i have no doubt that it is far from). in any case, as with any good story, there is a theme, with questions, plots and subplots, all ready for the literary feast that it will never be.

secondly, it is with great pleasure that i announce that the arc is part of a greater whim, which i will hopefully reveal should it come into fruitition.

thirdly, i have to sadly announce that i have a mild case of writer's block at the moment, and being someone who prides himself in the creation and giving essence into each and every post, i find that every time i sit down and write something, there is much a lacking and i am not going to post sub-standardly if i can help it (although this being biased since i set the standards myself).

so, once i get past this (hopefully brief) hiccup of sorts, it'll be back to the arc. and after that, hopefully back to lighter, less mind-wracking stuff. for the time being, here's some beautiful music introduced to me by a friend, chicken-president. classic meets rock for a fusion of wtfbbqsauce.

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