Wednesday, 26 November 2008


i suppose an appropriate way of starting a blog would be to address everyone who would be reading, and so to you i say 'hello!'. an introduction may be appropriate, but i guess i'll retain what internet anonymity i have for the time being.

i have never really intended to make a blog, and in making one now, i don't fully intend to continue with it for a long time. it's just something i was bugged into doing by a friend as i'm not really doing much these days. you can roughly recreate the conversation by imagining something like this:

friend: hey, sup
me: nothing much. what you up to these days?
f: nothing, really. just chilling doing the same stuff

(note that there is probably a thousand things going on in each of our lives but for some reason this is always how a conversation starts out [and probably ends]. i'll probably go over the reasons for this in some later post if i remember.)

f: you're not doing medicine anymore, i've heard. how's that treating you?
m: getting pretty bored, to be honest. nothing much to do and i've really run out of steam for doing the stuff i'd normally be doing on holidays.
f: you should start a blog
m: ...
f: seriously why not, it's not like you don't have the time
m: ...
f: it'll be fun
m: ...
f: just do it
m: ...
f: cool, i'll be looking forward to reading it sometime.
m: ...
m: ok

and so that's how epically persuasive he is. in any case, it seems like a good idea. although i can already see myself getting bored and running out of ideas on what to write. i guess that might be a good topic to address in this post. what am i going to write about? well, i'm not really a very opinionated person. so if i were to do something concrete on politics / economy/ random interesting fact, i'd probably last the most of 2 lines. my line of studies isn't interesting (or as you would have guessed, previous line of studies), so i'll probably not talk about that. so what's really left. hey! congratulations, you get to listen to random rants and stories of my life that would normally bore people to death in any social setting, but since this is a blog it'll sound like a superbly interesting life memoir.

in any case, any inspiration i have (or lack thereof) in making this blog comes from a blog that i used to read, detailing the times and trials of an american english teacher in japan (which i think a lot of you may be familiar with:

so maybe i can try to do something similar. sans the references to mortal kombat, which i suck at and wouldn't stand a chance against a 3 year old girl who's at the same time trying to put the cube in the triangle-shaped slot. fun times, totally random.

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