Wednesday, 26 November 2008

el oh el

so after a few days of absence, another post. as i write, i'm simultaneously playing a game, watching tv, cooking dinner, reading a book and listening to music. hence, i would like to forewarn everyone of the quality of this post - be ready to, as my friend put so eloquently, 'raise the bar' (while gesturing the opposite).

anyways, as promised, webcomics. as mentioned in my pervious post, i enjoy xkcd. it's a somewhat nerdy webcomic, and i can't describe it better than the author has already put it; a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language. it's a fairly simply illustrated comic strip, mostly of stickmen (or stick people for those pedantic about political correctness). a lot of the jokes are based on popular memes, physics and computer science, and for those uninitiated to their ways, some comics may seem less funny than others (personally, quite a few have gone over my head, but i am no comsci nor am i an internet troll). generally witty, sometimes bizzare, i give it a rating of 9 / 10.

dr. mcninja. this is one of those comics that i like purely for the fact that it's random. i think to some extent my thought process is similar to the author's - some of the referrences to zombie ninjas and robot killer bears are just hillarious to me, yet some of my friends just go 'wtf, this is funny?'. note that unlike my other, usual taste in webcomics, dr. mcninja is a series as opposed to stand alone strips. some may find this annoying to have to read from the start (which may seem not as good as the latter comics, but people only get better at what they do over time amirite?). an acquired taste, perhaps, i rate it as 6 /10 (by virtue of it having stopped :/ )

next up, is wondermark. another acquired taste, this time more extreme than dr. mcninja. initially i had wrote that dr. mcninja is totally random but i changed that to reflect that it is nowhere near as random as wondermark. it ranges from the most bizarre things that don't make sense at all, to those thoughts you have when you're alone thinking about how the world works. sometimes insightful, always witty, and more often than not funny (at least to me). i warn you, though, many, if not all, of the friends i have shown this webcomic to find it distasteful and are quick to give me the /facepalm :(. personally graded as a 9 / 10 but i wouldn't be surprised if people rated it as low as 2. additionally, note how in wondermark, the pictures are seemingly unrelated and out of context compared to the text - in my opinion it just adds to how hillarious it is. at times the author plays on this for added effect and sometimes i wonder where he gets the pictures and illustrations from in the first place.

last but most definitely not least, smbc (saturday morning breakfast cereal). again some of my friends find this not funny (what's wrong with my taste :( am i really that off). one-panel comics are always fun. i remember reading the newspapers as a teen and always looking forward to the bizzarro (spelling?) single-panel comics in the comic section. now that i think of it, i should go search for the possibility of that comic being a webcomic now! that would be like. bacon. childhood bacon. on the internet. mmmm. but yeah. smbc. it's concise for the most of the time, and i don't really have to think to get the jokes. it's relatively simple compared to some of the other webcomics i read, and is usually the first one i open after coming home from a long day. updates every day, which is a perk. all in all, 8 /10.

i guess by now you can kind of figure out something about me, from the things that i find 'funny' or at least entertaining. also, these aren't the only comics i read. far from that, i have a whole tab in favourites of the various webcomics i follow. some of them are a bit niche in nature and others are not so easygoing as to warrant a good rating in this post. in any case, i might write about them in the future, who knows. but till then i think these will keep you busy should you decide to check them out.

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