Wednesday, 26 November 2008

of passwords and e-mails

some of you may notice that my (previous) blog has now moved to this site, and for those new to the site, that all the previous posts are dated to the same date as this post. in addition to the one week stretch of no posting, and other events (you'd probably have to know me to have this all make sense, and if you don't / it doesn't make sense, feel free to omit this paragraph), the following story serves as a (weak) explanation.

i logged on the other day, to find that a particular friend, Mr. H, or as we shall henceforth refer to as H-dawg for his preposterous attempts at being black, had logged on to my computer and deleted all my saved e-mails to firefox. in addition to some modifications i may have made to my computer as well as some recent windows updates, this may have caused my e-mail address and password to be 'forgotten' by blogspot.

now introduce the fact that i have 37.96 e-mails and about 22/7 passwords, and i can not remember which of either i used to register for this blog. well. suffice to say the old one is inaccessible to me. to complicate things i may have used an e-mail address which i had made specifically for the purpose of registering this blog - i.e. i had no intention of remembering the e-mail nor the address. all in all i've just abandoned the idea of salvaging the old site (after various unfruitful attempts) and made this one. hopefully history does not repeat itself and i can actually post more than 5 times before running into a new problem.

on the subject of 22/7 passwords. we all know that cheesecake is delicious. even better than apple pie. hence cake > 3.142. hence, at least i don't have cake passwords. not to say i use cake in my passwords. but to be honest cake should be used in everything. cake bacon. cake steak. cake pie. and cake cake. although by definition, there cannot be cake cake, since it would be just cake. further fortifying the theory that cake is just so awesome, you cannot get any better than cake.

ok that was a bit too random. i was actually about to say something about my passwords, but since i had coincidentally said 22/7 passwords, the temptation to ease pi(e) into the entry was too strong. the pie is indeed strong. but still < cake. coincidence? or freudian slip?

so yes. we'll keep that for another entry, i guess. since this one is getting a bit long. something to look forward to, i'm sure!

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