Saturday, 5 December 2015

cik yam’s infinite eyes

lustrous with a silver gleam, with backdrop polished black,
diamonds on onyx reprieve that through light does refract;
a subtle soft like velveteen that lining clouds soothing comprise,
i stared into the abyss long and deep, those fateful cik yam’s eyes.

though in her silent contemplation surrounded by din,
her darting pupils betray what comprehension lies within;
enough to show, that makes mine know, though rays may yet reflect,
untainted eyes that she possesses makes her stare perfect.

to gaze into (and then upon) such innocence belies,
like galaxies, like fireflies, like ocean waves are cik yam’s eyes;
oh, if i pray, that they would see but naught of any horrid worlds,
remain demure and winsome, those ephemeral white pearls.

so soon you would have sunrise pass, cik yam, like a butterfly flit,
i hope to see through such stained glass, those holy eyes of infinite.

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