Wednesday, 10 October 2012

we all look back and laugh

a month from now you'll look back, child, and remember the words,
that every thing she said and did would seem just so absurd;
that promises were left unpaid, and words were left unsaid,
and all the things that could have been will then play in your head.

a year from now, where will all this have come and gone and passed?
should you remember still, young one, the dreams you held steadfast?
or will they have diminished, then, to unspoken desire?
and would the memory of wants evoke in you much ire?

a decade now, a ten years passed! would you still linger on?
would you with your rose-tinted shades still have the will don;
them though you've come to hate the very memory of past,
how would you see her then, dear child, will her ideal form last?

a century, a lifetime's worth of minutes, hours and days,
that could have been spent lounging in the sun's warm, hearty rays;
did you, instead, have waste for them, since you could not see clear?
did you forsake yourself, at  most, just thinking then of her?

i would not blame, if you were lulled into a sense of dread,
but know this now, all that you feel is made up in your head;
my little one, remember that you've had good will at heart,
you don't deserve this treatment's end, even if you'd to part.
and either which way comes to be, please hold your creed up high,
and let not her, her wily ways lead your ideals awry;
instead, have faith! utopian child, that you can yet roam free,
know that the grand scheme of things are that what will be, will be.

at least you'll say, a thousand years from now you'd given all, and not the paltry giving of a person half and half,
my child, you've but taken trip, a stumble and a fall, but once you've risen and looked back - you'll do so and you'll laugh!

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